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5 Dwelling Cures for Blood Blisters and Use Them


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Friction blisters are tender raised fluid-filled lesions that kind when an space of the pores and skin undergoes repeated friction or pressure for extended intervals. The fixed bodily trauma makes the outermost layer of the pores and skin separate from the underlying layers.

natural remedies for blood blisters

The physique responds to this damage by triggering irritation within the space and forming pockets of pus between the separated pores and skin layers. In some circumstances, the injury is extreme sufficient to rupture the small blood vessels within the space, inflicting blood to pool contained in the blister. The ensuing blister is then known as a blood blister as an alternative of a friction blister. (1)

Dwelling Cures for Blood Blisters

Listed here are some residence treatments to deal with blood blisters that happen on the palms and on ft:

1. Apply an ice pack

Making use of a chilly compress to the blood blister could make it damage much less, and that is usually used as a first-line intervention for the situation.


The topical chilly numbs the underlying nerves to make you’re feeling much less ache, however this impact solely lasts for a brief interval. The chilly software additionally constricts the underlying blood vessels to cut back blood circulation within the space, making the swelling go down.


  1. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a tender and clear towel or washcloth to make an ice pack.
  2. Gently place it on the blister, not more than 10 minutes at a stretch, with out making use of any stress.
  3. Do that repeatedly as wanted, however with quick intervals between consecutive functions. (2)

2. Use aloe vera gel

using aloe vera gel can help soothe blood blisters

Aloe vera gel is filled with antioxidants that assist deliver down irritation and thus relieve the redness, ache, and swelling related to blood blisters. These antioxidants additionally assist restore the broken pores and skin and make the blister heal quicker.

Plus, aloe gel displays potent antimicrobial exercise that may assist maintain infections at bay. (3)


  1. Reduce open a recent aloe vera leaf to extract its gel.
  2. Apply the gel over the blister 2–3 occasions a day or as wanted.

3. Attempt utilizing inexperienced tea

Inexperienced tea is credited with robust anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties that may be traced again to its wealthy antioxidant content material. (4)(5) Making use of it to blood blisters can ease the ache and swelling whereas additionally accelerating pores and skin restore.


  • Brew some inexperienced tea and refrigerate it for a while. Dip a cotton swab within the chilled tea and apply it to your blister.
  • Alternatively, you may soak a inexperienced tea bag in chilly water and place it immediately in your blister.

4. Rinse with Epsom salt

rinsing the affected area with Epsom salt can help soothe blood blisters

Epsom salt is especially composed of magnesium sulfate together with another minerals.

This compound works as a robust anti-inflammatory agent that may assist dry out your blood blister. It reduces the redness, ache, swelling, and fluid accumulation, making the lesion much less discomforting whereas additionally selling speedy therapeutic.



  1. Combine 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt in 1 cup of heat water till it’s absolutely dissolved.
  2. Use this saline resolution to completely rinse the blister and the pores and skin round it.
  3. Do that two to 3 occasions every day till the blister goes away fully.

5. Utilizing apple cider vinegar will help

Apple cider vinegar is a light acid that helps dry out your blister to facilitate quick therapeutic. It additionally possesses antimicrobial results that assist maintain the blister from getting contaminated. (6)


  1. Dilute 1 teaspoon of ACV with an equal quantity of water.
  2. Soak a cotton pad on this combination and place it over the blood blister.
  3. Depart it on for 10–quarter-hour.
  4. Do that twice a day.

Causes of Blood Blisters

Blood blisters, like friction blisters, normally seem on the ft and palms since they’re essentially the most overused elements of the physique.

Your ft carry you round and stay buried beneath the load of the physique. Plus, they always rub towards your footwear whereas strolling or operating about.

In the meantime, your palms are wanted to carry, function, and carry issues, making them inclined to friction and pressure. The pores and skin over the arduous bony areas is stretched out skinny and due to this fact will get broken extra simply, whereas the tender fleshy areas are higher at absorbing the stress, which makes them much less susceptible (however not immune) to blistering.

Folks normally get them on their fingers, palm, again of the heel, higher facet of the toes, and periphery of the foot. (7)

Some widespread elements that result in the formation of blood blisters are:


  • Bodily demanding actions akin to mountain climbing, dancing, and operating
  • Standing or strolling for lengthy intervals
  • Extreme pinching of the pores and skin (8)
  • Dealing with arduous and heavy instruments akin to a rake, a shovel, a choose, sports activities gear, and gymnasium gear (7)

Signs Accompanied With Blood Blisters

Blood blisters are characterised by the next:

  • Extreme ache once they first develop
  • Similar dimension and form as regular friction blisters however are usually darker due to the blood trapped inside (9)
  • Itching
  • Fever, physique ache, or fatigue if they’re attributable to systemic elements akin to an infection quite than friction or pressure

Remedy Modalities for Blood Blisters

treatment for blood blisters

Blood blisters don’t have to be handled medically and have a tendency to heal on their very own inside 1–2 weeks. (9) However you may cowl the lesion with a bandage to guard it from dust, germs, and additional damage whereas it heals.

Use adhesive bandages for smaller blisters and moleskin bandages for bigger, extra raised ones. Moleskin bandage can be used to cushion the blisters that kind on high-pressure areas such because the soles of the ft.

It’s greatest to use an adhesive bandage on prime of the moleskin bandage for additional padding and safety. (8)

If the blister ruptures, wash the realm with heat water and delicate cleaning soap, smoothen the remaining flap of pores and skin, let it air-dry, apply an antibiotic cream, and loosely cowl it with a sterile bandage or gauze.

If the blister is simply too massive or painful or situated at a tough spot, you may get it drained by a health care provider. Some individuals select to do that at residence, but it surely requires a variety of warning and precision to keep away from additional tissue injury.


Preventive Ideas In opposition to Blood Blisters

Observe these self-care measures to cut back the chance of blister formation: (10)

  • Put on correctly becoming sneakers and socks to attenuate friction towards the ft.
  • Keep away from pure cotton socks as they take in sweat and moisture, which improve the chance of blister formation. As an alternative, select acrylic, woolen, nylon, or polyester socks that wick moisture away from the pores and skin to maintain your ft dry and fewer susceptible to blister formation.
  • If you’re going for a run, apply an antichafing stick with your ft to attenuate friction.
  • Put on two layers of socks whereas operating to offer additional padding to your ft. It will make sure that friction happens between the overlapping layers of socks and can maintain the foot from rubbing towards the sock. (11)

When to See a Physician

Blood blisters are benign, self-resolving lesions that typically don’t warrant a go to to the physician. However you could have to hunt medical assist if the blister:

  • Is simply too giant or painful
  • Develops on a clumsy spot
  • Turns extra swollen, painful, sore, and pink with time, all of that are indicators of an infection
  • Persists or will get worse regardless of correct care and therapy (12)

Most-Requested Questions About Blood Blisters

How lengthy does it take for blood blisters on the ft to vanish?

how long will it take for blood blisters on feet to disappear?

It normally takes about 7–14 days for a blood blister to subside, however the discoloration could take longer to go away fully.


The pores and skin regularly sheds its broken outer layer and new wholesome pores and skin rises to the floor to interchange it. However it takes 30–48 days for the whole dermis to get regenerated this manner, in order that’s the estimated time for the whole disappearance of the blister.

One solution to velocity up the therapeutic course of and ensure the blister doesn’t come again is to relaxation the affected space and defend it from additional pressure and friction whereas it heals. For those who don’t try this, the blood blister will take longer to heal and will even recur.

Ought to I pop my blister?

No, squeezing, popping, or making use of extra stress to the blister can result in deep tissue injury, which may take longer to heal and will go away behind a scar. It will possibly additionally injure the encompassing pores and skin and switch germs to the wound, inflicting an an infection.

If the blister is already contaminated, popping it’ll unfold the an infection deeper into the pores and skin and to the encompassing space. So it’s greatest that you simply go away the blister alone and let it heal by itself.

How are blisters identified?

Medical doctors can usually diagnose blood blisters by visually analyzing the lesion.

Last Phrase

Blood blisters are fairly widespread and innocent however could cause a variety of discomfort whereas they persist. The above-mentioned interventions will help soothe the ache and irritation related to these lesions whereas additionally selling quick pores and skin therapeutic and lowering the chance of an infection.