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9 House Cures for Pilonidal Cysts and Easy methods to Use Them


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A pilonidal cyst is an irregular spherical development close to your tailbone. It may be painful to take a seat on and will typically have discharge. (1)

home remedies for pilonidal cysts

Pilonidal cysts might be an embarrassing downside to undergo however are pretty widespread amongst males. The excellent news is a number of house cures and preventive suggestions can assist you take care of pilonidal cysts. (2)

What Are Pilonidal Cysts?

Cysts are irregular growths of tissue that could be stuffed with fluid and trigger ache. Pilonidal cysts are cysts that happen on the pilonidal sinus, which is current on the cleft of your butt. It seems as a bump on the finish of your tailbone and might be painful at occasions.

House Cures for Pilonidal Cysts

Listed below are some house cures that may enable you to handle pilonidal cyst:


1. Heat compress

warm compress usage can help prevent pilonidal cysts

If used when the cyst is delicate and up to date, heat compresses can go a great distance in serving to the cyst heal by itself and stopping an infection. (3)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Soak a clear cotton material in heat water.
  2. Apply this material as a compress to the realm.

2. Oregano and tea tree oil

Oregano and tea tree oil are each well-known for his or her anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. (4) Terpinen-4-ol, current in tea tree oil, is without doubt one of the most potent pure antioxidant compounds that may deal with swelling and pores and skin irritation. (5)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Combine 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with just a few drops of oregano oil and tea tree oil.
  2. Apply this oil mix to the cyst as soon as a day.

3. Castor oil

Castor oil is one other potent antioxidant oil with antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties that may assist present sooner aid from pilonidal cysts. (6)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Dip a chunk of sterile gauze or cotton ball in heat castor oil.
  2. Apply this to the cyst for 10–quarter-hour twice a day.

4. Manuka honey

manuka honey is a proven natural remedy for pilonidal cysts

Manuka honey is anti-inflammatory and is a confirmed pure treatment for pilonidal cysts.

In a latest research carried out on sufferers affected by pilonidal cysts, 90% of them have been successfully handled with topical utility of manuka honey. (7)

Easy methods to use:

  • You’ll be able to devour manuka honey extract capsules.
  • Pour some manuka honey into a chunk of sterile gauze, and apply this to the affected space.

5. Witch hazel

Witch hazel accommodates giant quantities of tannins. Tannins are pure compounds that may assist dry out wounds and cysts to hasten the therapeutic course of and forestall infections. (8)


Easy methods to use:

  1. Dip a cotton ball in some castor oil blended with just a few drops of witch hazel oil.
  2. Apply it to the affected space a few times a day.

6. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is a widely known anti-inflammatory and therapeutic treatment used for plenty of pores and skin points. It accelerates wound therapeutic and helps hold infections at bay. (9)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Add just a few drops of olive oil to 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and blend effectively.
  2. Apply this paste to the affected space a few times a day.

7. Licorice with scorching oil remedy

licorice can help inhibit pilonidal cyst formation

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a extensively used Ayurvedic treatment for wounds. It helps forestall infections and has pain-alleviating properties. (10)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Combine some castor oil and coconut oil collectively and warmth the combination.
  2. Add some powdered licorice root to this oil mix. Let it cool.
  3. Apply this paste to the pilonidal cyst a few times a day. (10)

8. Burdock leaves and olive oil

Burdock leaves include anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds that may assist deal with a pilonidal cyst sooner.

Some analysis research have confirmed the effectiveness of steeped burdock leaves in therapeutic wounds. (11)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Put dried burdock leaves in a glass jar.
  2. Pour some olive oil into the jar to soak these leaves and seal the jar.
  3. Let it sit within the solar for a few weeks.
  4. Pressure the oil and warmth it for a couple of minutes earlier than storing it in a container.
  5. Apply this burdock-infused olive oil to the affected space a few times a day.

9. Turmeric paste

Turmeric accommodates curcumin, an antioxidant compound with potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It could possibly assist relieve the ache and swelling brought on by a pilonidal cyst and in addition forestall infections. (12)

Easy methods to use:

  1. Combine 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with just a few drops of coconut oil to make a paste.
  2. Apply this paste to the affected space.

What Are the Causes of Pilonidal Cysts?

The widespread causes of pilonidal cysts are:


  • Lengthy durations of sitting
  • Weight problems
  • Ingrown hair
  • Heredity
  • Always carrying skin-tight clothes
  • Improper hygiene, which can trigger an infection within the cysts (13)

Who Will get This Dysfunction?

Pilonidal cysts are extra incessantly reported in males, although they will additionally happen in girls.

Individuals who don’t transfer round a lot and who sit for lengthy durations usually tend to develop pilonidal cysts. These with thick or stiff hair will also be extra prone to have ingrown hair that may trigger a pilonidal cyst.

Indicators and Signs of Pilonidal Cysts

Pilonidal cysts can seem as tiny pimples on the prime of your buttocks and progressively enhance in dimension. Signs might embody:

  • Ache and tenderness
  • Irritation
  • Pus discharge and fever if the cyst is contaminated

Diagnosing Pilonidal Cysts

how to diagnose pilonidal cysts?

Your dermatologist can diagnose a pilonidal cyst just by observing or touching the bump. In some instances, they could ask you to bear an MRI or CT scan to verify the prognosis.

Therapy for Pilonidal Cysts

Therapy for pilonidal cysts will depend on the severity of your situation and the signs. Most docs will observe this remedy plan:

1. Sustaining correct hygiene

Your physician will advise you to maintain the realm across the cyst clear and to make use of a hair removing cream to keep away from ingrown hairs. In some instances, the cyst might resolve by itself in just a few weeks. (14)(15)


2. Antibiotic remedy

Your physician may prescribe an antibiotic course for per week or two. This can assist deal with delicate an infection and irritation. (16)

3. Surgical procedure

A pilonidal cyst that doesn’t heal by itself or retains on recurring might require surgical removing. The surgical procedure is a straightforward process and might be carried out simply, however full restoration might take just a few months. (17)

Life-style Modifications to Stop Pilonidal Cysts

lifestyle changes that can help prevent pilonidal cysts

In case your each day routine requires you to take a seat in a single place for lengthy hours at a time, be sure that to take brief breaks every now and then to stretch and stroll.


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Sustaining correct hygiene can also be key to stopping bacterial infections.

Most-Requested Questions About Pilonidal Cysts

Can I pop a tailbone cyst at house?

No. You shouldn’t attempt to pop a cyst by your self as it could possibly trigger extreme an infection.

What ointment is sweet for a pilonidal cyst?

Metronidazole antibiotic ointment is probably the most incessantly prescribed topical remedy for pilonidal cysts.

Can I take advantage of DMSO for pilonidal cysts?

Some folks recommend utilizing DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) can assist heal pilonidal cysts sooner. Nonetheless, this has not been confirmed by scientific research.

Closing Phrase

Pilonidal cysts might be an annoying and painful downside to undergo. You’ll be able to strive among the house cures given above to alleviate your discomfort. It’s extremely really helpful to hunt medical remedy for pilonidal cysts and to ask on your dermatologist’s approval earlier than making use of something to the cyst.